Skeletal Metastatology (inbunden)
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Inbunden (Hardback)
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Academic Press
YounginLee, Francis / W.Jennings, Jack
Approx. 100 illustrations (50 in full color); Illustrations, unspecified
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Skeletal Metastatology (inbunden)

Skeletal Metastatology

Scientific Principles and Advanced Clinical Care

Inbunden Engelska, 2024-05-01
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Skeletal Metastatology: Scientific Principles and Advanced Clinical Care provides the reader critical medical knowledge and surgical skills for the management of metastatic cancers to bone and pathological fractures. This multidisciplinary approach covers the following subspecialty areas of epidemiology, molecular biology, biomechanics, imaging, radiation, computer science, interventional radiology, nutrition, pain, alternative medicine, and physiatry. Each chapter presents essential clinical cases and tables using the foundations of research to bridge the gap into clinical practice. Written by world-class international authors for orthopedic surgeons and musculoskeletal oncologists, this is a must have resource for clinical professionals who need greater understanding of the presented topics.

  • Provides a multidisciplinary approach for surgical treatment vs. non-surgical options in a single source
  • Covers epidemiology and survival, emerging technologies, how to predict fracture risk, non-operative care, intervention oncology and orthopedic oncology
  • Contains essential clinical cases and tables
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Dr. Lee, MD, PhD is an orthopaedic oncologist, at Yale School of Medicine, who has been an organizer for the annual symposium on metastatic cancers and pathological fractures at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon from 2018-2020. This symposium was attended by 400 orthopaedic surgeons with great feedback. In addition, Dr. Lee has developed new minimally invasive combinatorial interventional oncology + orthopaedic surgery. Dr. Lee has been presenting his work at the Interventional Radiology Meeting. Furthermore, Dr. Lee is a very rare surgeon whose academic research programs on bone repair and cancer-induced bone loss are funded by National Cancer Institute and National Institute of Health Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Disorders. As a multi-faceted surgeon scientist, Dr. Lee can recruit many high-profile contributors for Epidemiology, Biology, Biomechanics, Pharmacology, Pathology, Radiation Oncology, Interventional Radiology, Orthopaedic Oncologists, Pain Specialists, and Neuro Surgeons. Jack J. Jennings MD, PhD, Associate Professor and Chief of Musculoskeletal Radiology in the Department of Radiology at Washington University School of Medicine, MO, USA.


I. Introduction
1. Skeletal Metastatology

II. Epidemiology and Survival
2.Health Care Burden
3. Primary Cancers
4. Prediction of Life Span
5. Survival following Skeletal Metastases and Stabilization
6. Survival Biomarkers
7. Machine Learning Cancer Survival Prediction

III. Translational Science and Emerging Technologies
8. Biology
9. Pharmacology
10. Biomechanics
11. Imaging
12. Surgical Navigation
13. 3D Printing
14. Pathology

IV. Predicting Fracture Risk
15. Plain Radiographs
16. CT
17. Others

V. Non-Operative Care and Issues
18. Medical Care
19. Pharmacologic Treatment
20. Radiation
21. Pain Management
22. Physiatry Care
23. Anesthesia
24. Alternative Care

VI. Interventional Oncology
25. Ablation
26. RFA
27. Microwave
28. Cryo
29. Laser
30. 3D Printing
31. Embolization
32. Cementoplasty
33. Mesh Augmentation
34. AORIF Procedure

VII. Orthopaedic Oncology
35. Femur, Femoral
36. Head and Neck
37. Femur, Femoral Shaft
38. Femur, Distal Periarticular Region
39. Knee
40. Tibia and Ankle
41. Pelvis
42. Sacroiliac Joint
43. Spine and Sacrum
44. Shoulder
45. Humerus and Elbow
46. Forearm and Hand
47. Complications