MyLab Portuguese with Pearson eText Access Code (24 Months) for Ponto de Encontro
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Jouet-Pastre, Clemence / Klobucka, Anna / Sobral, Patricia / Moreira, Maria Luci / Hutchinson, Amelia
228 x 165 x 6 mm
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MyLab Portuguese with Pearson eText Access Code (24 Months) for Ponto de Encontro

Portuguese as a World Language

Engelska, 2013-07-11
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IN THIS SECTION: 1.) BRIEF 2.) COMPREHENSIVE 1.) BRIEF TABLE OF CONTENTS: Licao preliminar: Primeiros passos Licao 1: A universidade Licao 2: Entre amigos Licao 3: Horas de lazer Licao 4: A familia Licao 5: A casa Licao 6: A roupa e as compras Licao 7: O tempo e os passatempos Licao 8: Festas e tradicoes Licao 9: O trabalho e os negocios Licao 10: A comida Licao 11: A saude e os medicos Licao 12: As ferias e as viagens Licao 13: O meio ambiente Licao 14: A sociedade Licao 15: A ciencia e a tecnologia 2.) COMPREHENSIVE TABLE OF CONTENTS: Licao 1: Estruturas Talking about people: Subject pronouns Talking about academic life and daily occurrences: Present tense of regular -ar verbs Specifying gender and number: Articles and nouns Contractions of a, de, and em with articles Expressing location and states of being: Present tense of estar Asking and answering questions: Interrogative words Mais um passo: Some regular -er and -ir verbs Licao 2: Estruturas Describing people, places, and things: Adjectives Identifying and describing; expressing origin, possession, location of events, and time: Present tense of ser Expressing inherent qualities and changeable conditions: Ser and estar with adjectives Expressing ownership: Possessive adjectives Mais um passo: Some idiomatic expressions with estar Licao 3: Estruturas Talking about daily life: Present tense of regular -er and -ir verbs Expressing movement [or habits? conferir como ficou resolvido]: Present tense of ir Expressing future action: Ir + infinitive [and other structures? conferir como ficou na versao definitiva] Expressing age, possession, and obligation: Ter and ter que + infinitive Talking about quantity: Numbers above 100 Mais um passo: Some uses of por and para Licao 4: Estruturas Expressing opinions, plans, preferences, and feelings: Present tense of stem changing verbs Expressing when, where, or how an action occurs: Adverbs Talking about daily activities: Present tense of fazer, dizer, trazer, sair, and por Expressing how long something has been going on: Faz/ha with expressions of time Mais um passo: The preterir tense of regular verbs and of ir Licao 5: Estruturas Expressing ongoing actions: Present progressive Describing physical and emotional states: Expressions with ter, estar com, and ficar com Pointing out and identifying people and things: Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns Learning useful verbs: Present tense of dar, ler, ver, and vir Stating what you know: Saber and conhecer Mais um passo: Some reflexive verbs and pronouns Licao 6: Estruturas Talking about the past: Preterit tense of regular verbs Talking about the past: Preterit of ir and ser Indicating the object of an action: Direct object nouns and pronouns Reinforcing inquiries: Tag questions Mais um passo: Some more uses of por and para Licao 7: Estruturas Indicating for whom an action takes place: Indirect object nouns and pronouns Talking about the past: Some irregular preterits Expressing ongoing actions and descriptions in the past: The imperfect Imperfect tense of regular and irregular verbs Narrating in the past: The preterit and the imperfect Mais um passo: Ha/Faz meaning ago Licao 8: Estruturas Comparing people and things: Comparisons of inequality Comparing people and things: Comparisons of equality Comparing people and things: The superlative Emphasizing or clarifying information: Pronouns after prepositions Talking about daily routine: Reflexive verbs and pronouns Licao 9: Estruturas Stating impersonal information: Se as impersonal subject Talking about the past: More on the preterit and the imperfect Asking questions: More on i