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Einstein (inbunden)


The man, the genius, and the Theory of Relativity

Inbunden Engelska, 2014-09-11
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Albert Einstein is synonymous with genius. From his remarkable theory of relativity and the famous equation E=mc2 to his concept of a unified field theory, no one has contributed as much to science in the last 150 years. As well as showing how Einstein developed his theories, Einstein reveals the man behind the science, from his early years and experiments in Germany and his struggle to find work at the Swiss patent office to his marriages and children, his role in the development of the atomic bomb and his work for civil rights groups in the United States. Drawing on new research and personal documents belonging to Einstein, this book also includes reproductions of documents that reveal more than this scientist's groundbreaking theories.
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"I found so much to admire; there are many places where I just had to cheer what Isaacson had written."-- Dudley Herschbach, Professor of Science at Harvard "Isaacson has admirably succeeded in weaving together the complex threads of Einstein's personal and scientific life to paint a superb portrait."-- Arthur I. Miller, author of "Einstein, Picasso" "Isaacson has written a crisp, engaging, and refreshing biography, one that beautifully masters the historical literature and offers many new insights into Einstein's work and life."-- Diana Kormos Buchwald, General Editor of the Collected Papers of Albert Einstein "Isaacson's treatment of Einstein's scientific work is excellent: accurate, complete, and just the right level of detail for the general reader. Taking advantage of the wealth of recently uncovered historical material, he has produced the most readable biography of Einstein yet."-- A. Douglas Stone, Professor of Physics at Yale "Once again Walter Isaacson has produced a most valuable biography of a great man about whom much has already been written. It helps that he has had access to important new material. He met the challenge of dealing with his subject as a human being and describing profound ideas in physics. His biography is a pleasure to read and makes the great physicist come alive."-- Murray Gell-Mann, winner of the 1969 Nobel Prize in Physics and author of "The Quark and the Jaguar" "This book will be widely and deservedly admired. It is excellently readable and combines the personal and the scientific aspects of Einstein's life in a graceful way."-- Gerald Holton, Professor of Physics at Harvard and author of "Einstein, History, and Other Passions" "This is a brilliant intellectual tapestry -- and a great read. Skillfully weaving Einstein's revolutionary scientific achievements, his prolific political initiatives, his complex personal life, and his fascinating personality, Isaacson has transformed the transformer of the twentieth century into a beacon for the twenty-first century."-- Martin J. Sherwin, coauthor of "American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer," winner of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for biography "Walter Isaacson has captured the complete Einstein. With an effortless style that belies a sharp attention to detail and scientific accuracy, Isaacson takes us on a soaring journey through the life, mind, and science of the man who changed our view of the universe."-- Brian Greene, Professor of Physics at Columbia and author of "The Fabric of the Cosmos" "With unmatched narrative skill, Isaacson has managed the extraordinary feat of preserving Einstein's monumental stature while at the same time bringing him to such vivid life that we come to feel as if he could be walking in our midst. This is a terrific work."-- Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of "Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln"

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Walter Isaacson is the President and CEO of the Aspen Institute, an international non-profit organization designed to promote enlightened leadership and dialogue in contemporary issues. He was the Chairman and CEO of the international news organization CNN and managing editor of Time. Isaacson wrote the critically acclaimed Einstein: His Life and Universe (2007), for which he had access to previously unavailable papers belonging to Einstein. He has also written Benjamin Franklin: An American Life (2003) and Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography (2011). His work has been published in the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Japan and China. In 2007, Isaacson became a columnist for Time.


Introduction; Where Science Stood; Childhood 1879-1889; School 1889-1893; Aarau 1896-1896; The Zurich Polytechnic 1896-1899; Mileva Maric 1897-1900; Lieserl 1901; Patent Clark 1902-1904; The Miracle Year: Quantum Theory 1905; The Miracle Year: Special Relativity; The Rising Professor 1905-1910; Elsa Einstein 1912-1914; General Relavitiy 1907-1915; The Home Front 1914-1915; Divorce and Remarriage 1916-1918; The Eclipse 1919; Einstein in America 1921; The Nobel Prize 1919-1922; Quantum Mechanics 1920; Einstein and Religion; The Rise of Hitler 1920-1933; To America 1933-1936; The Bomb 1939; Arms Control 1945-1948; Civil Rights 1940 onward; The Endless Quest 1933 onward; Israel 1948 onward; Red Scare 1950s; Farewell 1954-1955.