Dungeons & Dragons Worlds & Realms: Adventures from Greyhawk to Faêrun and Beyond (inbunden)
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Ten Speed Press
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Dungeons & Dragons Worlds & Realms: Adventures from Greyhawk to Faêrun and Beyond

A Journey Through 50 Years of D&d Settings

Inbunden,  Engelska, 2024-10-01
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An immersive exploration of fifty years of Dungeons & Dragons through the art and lore of the worlds, planes, and settings that have captivated players throughout D&D's decades of adventures and campaign storytelling. Each chapter of this sumptuously illustrated guide focuses on an iconic world or setting in the D&D multiverse, narrated by legendary mage Mordenkainen and filled with official artwork curated from fifty years of source books and adventures. Mordenkainen muses on each location's unique features, unmistakable characters, and magical mysteries based on his experiences traveling across the planes. Written by Adam Lee, worldbuilding expert and former D&D game designer, this lavish tome also features original cover and chapter opener illustrations. Daily life in each world is creatively explored through exclusive stories penned by Jasmine Bhullar, Geoffrey Golden, Jody Houser and Eric Campbell, and Jaleigh Johnson. From the more familiar worlds of the Material Plane to the strange and intriguing Parallel Planes, and the truly mind-bending worlds and planes beyond, both longstanding and recent D&D fans will gain new perspectives on the most beloved and memorable places in the game.
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