Most Amazing Mouse Emporium (e-bok)
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Most Amazing Mouse Emporium (e-bok)

Most Amazing Mouse Emporium E-bok

E-bok (Drm),  Engelska, 2022-10-10
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Propped up in a forgotten corner amongst old bookcases, hat-stands and an eighteenth-century sea trunk, there stands an Edwardian writing desk. Leaning against it is a wonky bar stool, on top of which sits a box labelled 'Geest Bananas' that is actually full of aging Christmas decorations. Within this writing desk - in the third drawer down on the left-hand side, as it goes - there lives a family of mice; they moved in just a couple of months ago after looking for somewhere to sleep during the day, and to run around at night. Mice aren't the only ones living in this old emporium, however. There's Syd the big spider for instance, along with his friend Spiggy who sometimes lends a hand (or eight). And Bertie the bat hangs around upside-down in the rafters, keeping an eye on the day's (or more often, night's) activities.I'm the only who knows this, of course. And when the doors close at night... well, the things I could tell you! Tales of a champion mouser, an all-out attack by crane flies, what happened on Bonfire Night, and even... spooky ghosts!Oh, you want to hear more? Go on then. So, where shall we start...?
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