Art of Communication in Nursing and Health Care (e-bok)
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Art of Communication in Nursing and Health Care (e-bok)

Art of Communication in Nursing and Health Care E-bok

An Interdisciplinary Approach

E-bok (LCP),  Engelska, 2014-10-10
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A handy guide to tackling difficult patient and professional interactions with confidence and compassionIn this age of increasing reliance on technology, it is essential that the fundamentals of compassion and good communicationthe art of patient careremain at the heart of health care. This clear, concise guide to professional communication strategies helps nurses and other health care clinicians to build effective patient relationships and navigate a wide variety of difficult patient and professional interactions. Written by a practicing psychotherapist who has devoted nearly 30 years of study to clinicianpatient relationships, the book tackles such complex issues as dealing with demanding patients, maintaining professional boundaries, overcoming biases and stereotypes, managing clinician emotions, communicating bad news, challenging a colleagues clinical opinion, and other common scenarios.The book guides the reader through a conceptual framework for building effective relationships that is based on the principles of mindfulness. These principles are embedded in discussions of the fundamental elements of interpersonal effectiveness, such as hope, empathy, and listening. Chapters apply mindfulness principles to specific challenging situations with concrete examples that describe effective clinical behaviors as well as situations depicting pitfalls that may impede compassionate care. From a focus on everyday manners in difficult situations to beneficial approaches with challenging populations, the guide helps health care professionals confidently resolve common problems. Brief, to-the-point chapters help clinicians channel their clinical knowledge and good intentions into caring behaviors that allow the patient to more fully experience empathy and compassion. With the guiding theme of using words as precision instruments, this is a resource that will be referred to again and again.Key Features: Helps health care professionals and nurses communicate effectively in challenging clinical and professional situations Uses the principles of mindfulness to build satisfying relationships and resolve problems Addresses such difficult issues as demanding patients, maintaining boundaries, overcoming biases, managing clinician emotions, and much more Provides special tips for communicating with family members and caregivers Authored by a practicing psychotherapist specializing in clinicianpatient relationships for nearly 30 years
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