Mycotoxins And Animal Foods (inbunden)
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Taylor & Francis Ltd
Henderson, R.S.
Mycotoxins And Animal Foods (inbunden)

Mycotoxins And Animal Foods

Inbunden,  Engelska, 1991-01-01
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The ingestion of feed containing mycotoxins has serious adverse effects on the health of farm animals, contributing to reduced weight gain, lower reproductivity, damage to the immune system, severe illnesses, and even death. Mycotoxins formed in animal feedstuffs depend on the presence of specific strains of filamentous fungi or molds and are strongly influenced by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. This book considers the biological nature of mycotoxin formation, the chemical and biological methods of analysis, as well as the extensive range of substrates capable of supporting the growth of toxigenic fungi. The book also provides extensive coverage of the mycotoxicoses of farmed animals and the current state of research into the control and detoxification of mycotoxins. All researchers interested in mycotoxins and their effects on animals will find important information in this book.
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Smith; DUPLICATE University of Strathclyde,Henderson; Rachel Strathclyde University,


FORMATION AND SPECIFICITY. Aflatoxin: An Ecologically Elicited Genetic Activation Signal. The Environmental Factors Controlling Mycotoxin Formation. Detection and Quantification of Toxigenic Molds. Toxigenic Penicillium Species. The Toxigenic Aspergilli. Toxigenic Fusaria. Miscellaneous Toxigenic Fungi. Testing Animal Feedstuffs for Mycotoxins: Sampling, Subsampling, and Analysis. Detection and Quantification of Mycotoxins by Chemical Analysis. The Determination of Mycotoxins in Animal Feeds by Biological Methods. DETECTION AND OCCURRENCE IN NATURAL PRODUCTS. The Principles of Grain Handling and Transportation. The World Animal Feed Industry. Natural Occurrence of Mycotoxins in Small Grain Cereals. Natural Occurrence of Mycotoxins in Corn. Natural Occurrence of Mycotoxins in Groundnuts, Cottonseed, Soya, and Cassava. Natural Occurrence of Mycotoxins in Growing and Conserved Forage Crops. Mycotoxins in Feedstuffs: Production in Novel Substrates. Mycotoxins in Grain Dusts: Health Implications. Limits and Regulations for Mycotoxins in Raw Materials and Animal Feeds. ANIMAL TOXICITY. Biochemical Mode of Action of Mycotoxins. Biological Activities of Mycotoxins: Field and Experimental Mycotoxicoses. The Influence of Mycotoxins on the Immune System. Toxicity of Trichothecenes and Other Related Mycotoxins in Laboratory Animals. Poultry. Toxicity of Mycotoxins to Fish. Porcine Nephropathy Associated with Ochratoxin A. Effects of Naturally Occurring Mycotoxins on Ruminants. Mycotoxicoses in Horses. POST-HARVEST CONTROL. Prevention of Mycotoxin Contamination (Principally Aflatoxins and Fusariumtoxins) at the Pre-Harvest Stage. Storage of Grains and Seeds. Post-Harvest Storage and Preservation of Tropical Crops. Chemical Preservatives. Physical and Chemical Separation of Mycotoxins From Agricultural Products. In Situ Degradation of Mycotoxins by Physical Methods. The Chemical Degradation of Mycotoxins. Biological Detoxification of Mycotoxins. Interactions of Myco toxins with Feed Ingredients. Do Safe Levels Exist? Index