Neuropsychology (inbunden)
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Moulin, Chris
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Neuropsychology (inbunden)


Inbunden Engelska, 2012-01-24
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Neuropsychology is a vast field, overlapping with psychiatry, medicine and neuroscience. It essentially addresses the relationship between mind and brain through the study of dysfunction, with a range of research paradigms drawing from cognitive, clinical, neurological and neuroscientific perspectives. Neuropsychology has a long history, but newer methods for analyzing the brain (neuroimaging) have taken the field on an exciting new trajectory in the past 10 years.

This six-volume collection provides a set of original sources that have proved to be popular, influential and enduring, and explicitly integrates modern neuroscience into neuropsychological endeavours. It represents the historical evolution of the field by presenting a set of papers which guide the reader from early thinking, often at a theoretical level, through the core empirical experiments and case studies which represent the advances of the field, up to more modern perspectives provided by neuroscientific accounts of brain and behaviour.

Volume One: Conceptual and Historical Issues revisits early works to provide a context for key topics that are still being investigated by a range of neuropsychological methods.

Volume Two: Cognitive Neuropsychology presents some of the "natural experiments" that are brought about by various injuries and diseases.

Volume Three: Clinical and Applied Neuropsychology explores how neuropsychological assessment is used in clinical and applied settings.

Volume Four: Cognitive Neuropsychiatry shows how neuropsychological paradigms can further our understanding of cognitive impairments traditionally associated with psychiatric disorders, such as depression, schizophrenia, and developmental conditions.

Volume Five: Imaging Brain and Behaviour describes the key techniques that are used to measure the activity of the brain in typical and atypical circumstances.

Volume Six: Stimulating and Disrupting the Brain illustrates how various interventions can be used to affect brain function.
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Övrig information

Chris Moulin is a cognitive neuropsychologist. His current research interests focus on neuropsychological impairments of memory. In particular, he is interested in the interaction of executive function and long-term memory. Research themes include metacognition (such as knowing what you know), inhibition (such as suppressing unwanted information), and the sensations of memory (for example dj vu).

Martin Conway is a cognitive psychologist. His current research interests focus on autobiographical memory; impairments of memory following brain injury; disruptions of memory in psychiatric illness; changes in memory across the lifespan; the self and memory; motivation and memory; emotion and memory; expert legal testimony on memory.


VOLUME ONE: CONCEPTUAL AND HISTORICAL ISSUES Cases of Cerebral Tumour - A. Hughes Bennett Symptoms Simulating Hysteria The Structural Basis of Traumatic Epilepsy and Results of Radical Operation - Otfrid Foerster and Wilder Penfield Restoring Phineas Gage - Malcolm Macmillan A 150th Retrospective Patient Tan Revisited - Ola Selnes and Argye Hillis A Case of Atypical Global Aphasia? Henry Gustav Molaison, 'HM' - Geoff Watts Hughlings Jackson and the Role of the Entorhinal Cortex in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy - Sahib Khalsa, Steven Moore and Gary van Hoesen From Patient A to Doctor Z History of Frontal Lobotomy in the United-States, 1935-1955 - Anastasia Kucharski Understanding the Human Brain - Chenjie Xia A Lifetime of Dedicated Pursuit - Interview with Dr Brenda Milner Cerebral Localization, Then and Now - John Marshall and Geroen Fink Contention Scheduling and the Control of Routine Activities - Richard Cooper and Tim Shallice On the Biological Plausibility of Grandmother Cells - Jeffrey Bowers Implications for Neural Network Theories in Psychology and Neuroscience Double Dissociation - Martin Davies Understanding Its Role in Cognitive Neuropsychology On Comparing a Single Case with a Control Sample - John Crawford, Paul Garthwaite and David Howell D.C. An Alternative Perspective Cognitive Neuropsychology 20 Years on - Alfonso Caramazza and Max Coltheart Mistreating Psychology in the Decades of the Brain - Gregory Miller The Portrayal of Coma in Contemporary Motion Pictures - Eelco Wijdicks and Coen Wijdicks VOLUME TWO: COGNITIVE NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Visual Capacity in the Hemianopic Field Following a Restricted Occipital Ablation - Larry Weiskrantz et al Disorders of 'Simultaneous Perception' in a Case of Bilateral Occipito-Parietal Brain Injury - A.R. Luria Cerebral Akinetopsia (Visual Motion Blindness) - Semir Zeki Separate Visual Pathways for Perception and Action - Melvyn Goodale and A. David Milner A Case of Integrative Visual Agnosia - M. Jane Riddoch and Glyn Humphreys A Cortical Network for Directed Attention and Unilateral Neglect - M-Marsel Mesulam Cognitive Rehabilitation - Ian Robertson Attention and Neglect Prosopagnosia - Antonio Damasio, Hanna Damasio and Gary van Hoesen Anatomic Basis and Behavioural Mechanisms Congenital Amusia - Isabelle Peretz et al A Disorder of Fine-Grained Pitch Discrimination Within-Object and between-Object Coding Deficits in Drawing Production - Alastair Smith and Iain Gilchrist The Logic of Neuropsychological Research and the Problem of Patient Classification of Aphasia - Alfonso Caramazza Loss of Recent Memory after Bilateral Hippocampal Lesions - William Beecher Scoville and Brenda Milner The Decline of Working Memory in Alzheimer's Disease - Alan Baddeley et al A Longitudinal Study Autobiographical Memory and Amnesia - Clare Rathbone, Chris Moulin and Martin Conway Using Conceptual Knowledge to Ground the Self Cognitive Deficits in Parkinson's Disease - Bruno Dubois and Bernard Pillon VOLUME THREE: CLINICAL AND APPLIED NEUROPSYCHOLOGY Assessment Practices of Clinical Neuropsychologists in the United States and Canada - Laura Rabin, William Barr and Leslie Burton A Survey of INS, NAN and APA Division 40 Members Functional MR Evaluation of Temporal and Frontal Language Dominance Compared with the Wada Test - Stephane Lehericy et al Diagnostic Criteria for Malingered Neurocognitive Dysfunction - Daniel Slick, Elisabeth Sherman and Grant Iverson Proposed Standards for Clinical Practice and Research Symptom Exaggeration by College Adults in Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Disorder Assessments - Brian Sullivan, Kim May and Lynne Galbally On the Use of Drawing Tasks in Neuropsychological Assessment - Alastair Smith Fitness to Plead and Competence to Stand Trial - Timothy Rogers et al A Systematic Review of the Constructs and Their Appl