Igniting Soul Fire (häftad)
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Polair Publishing
Hesmondhalgh, Morgan (ill.)
Morgan Hesmondhalgh
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Igniting Soul Fire (häftad)

Igniting Soul Fire

Spiritual Dimensions of the Bach Flower Essences

Häftad, Engelska, 2004-05-01


Since Edward Bach died in 1936, his discovery of the vibrational healing properties found in quintessential plants - the famous Bach Flower Remedies - has grown from a tiny cottage industry to one of the best-known alternative medicine systems in the world. But Dr Bach's system of healing is more wide-ranging than nearly every user of his remedies recognised in his time. Dr Bach was a true mystic and healer, and his system was not simply one of healing for the individual, but healing for the world. Gaye Mack, MA, has unique experience in the Bach remedies, having studied with a number of principle Bach practitioners. In this book, she is among the first to take the wider dimensions of Bach's work seriously. Out of his writings and what we know of the remedies, she extracts a deeper formula. As a bacteriologist who also practised homeopathy, Bach's intensely spiritual nature led him to believe that personalities fall into 'soul-types' and that study of these can offer subtle applications of specific remedies to aid soul-growth. Bach's writing also shows a fascination with numbers, from a spiritual perspective. Unusually for his time, his reading shows him preoccupied with mother India, the great masters and Buddha; although elsewhere he shows deep appreciation of Christian teaching and values. This combination is the basis of his deeper mystical programme, which, until this book, was scarcely explored. Igniting Soul Fire takes us deeper than most other investigations of the Bach remedies to date. Reconstructing for the contemporary user the theory of soul-types and showing how, through careful attention to the twelve Great Healers among the remedies, the seven 'Helpers', and the final nineteen remedies, major change can be effected in the self. The end result of using the remedies in the fullest way is not simply healing but transformation.
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A fascinating insight into Dr Bach's life and work. A big section on the elements will be of interest to astrologers, as will the snippets of information relating to his chart. This author clearly knows far more than she has space to communicate here so we look forward to future publications. A lovely book! Wessex Astrologer, Summer 2004 Bach to Basics Gaye Mack helps us understand the mind of the creator of the 'Bach Flower Remedies', Dr Edward Bach. These flower remedies have long been used to help treat pain and ease it. Bach discovered the first nineteen remedies from 1928 to 1933 and then the final nineteen in 1934 to 1935. Gaye explores the mystical and philosophical ideas behind Bach's thinking. The book takes us on a journey exploring spiritual law, intuition, and what is a healer. In her book Gaye connects Bach's ideas with the system of chakras (energy centres) and the zodiac. An interesting and thought-provoking read. Yoga magazine, February 2005 Igniting Soul Fire A Review by Kathleen Pepper Probably all members and friends of the White Eagle Lodge will be familiar with the Bach flower remedies, which have become so popular in recent years. When I first joined White Eagle's work thirty years ago, it was on my first retreat at New Lands that I came across them. In IGNITING SOUL FIRE, Gaye Mack brings a new dimension and understanding to the use of these remedies. Throughout her book, she draws on the writings of Edward Bach and his friends and succeeds in drawing them together with White Eagle's teaching and that of other mystics and healers. The book begins with a review of the life of Bach and his discovery of the remedies, linking it together with astrology, alchemy and mysticism. Gaye points out that it is our emotions that help to develop our intuition, our sixth sense. 'We need to keep a balance between heart and mind, of learning to listen with the heart and then acting with the mind.' (Gaye's italics.) Above all, the remedies work on our negative emotions so that we can develop the strengths and positive aspects we need to know in order to grow spiritually. 'It is through experiences and relationships that our soul propels us toward the awareness of what it means to feel.' Exploring our spiritual sense creates anxiety but it begins the journey of igniting soul fire. The remedies support this journey. Throughout her book, Gaye (who is a member and Brother of the Lodge) develops the idea of working with soul fire through the use of the remedies. Each chakra and its lessons and experiences are considered alongside the remedy of choice. I have not found another work on the Bach remedies that looks at them in such a profound way. All followers of White Eagle's teachings will find something to help them in this book and I would highly recommend it. Stella Polaris (White Eagle magazine), April 2005

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Gaye has throughout her life had a deep interest in esoteric philosophies, spirituality in medicine, and healing, and was among the early group of practitioners in the United States to attain a place on the Dr Edward Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioners. She has a background of study in psychology and sociology. Gaye's Master of Arts degree in Integrated Professional Studies from DePaul University, Chicago, focused on holistic medicine with particular application of the Bach Remedies as an integrative therapy for eating disorders and other emotional illnesses. She is the author of several articles published internationally on the Bach work, and is listed in Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare, 2000, and Who's Who in America, 2003, 2004. In addition to her private practice, she regularly conducts workshops in North America and Great Britain. Although she has travelled widely in Great Britain, Europe, India, Nepal, Africa and Egypt, she keeps her linen closet and her family in the Chicago, Illinois area. Gaye may be contacted through: Polair Publishing * P O Box 34886 * London W8 6YR www.polairpublishing.co.uk www.naturesbridge.com naturesbridge@aol.com


Acknowledgments * vii Preface * ix Author's Note * xiii one * Spiritual Law and Sacred Shopping * 15 two * Intuition is the Voice of the Soul * 24 three * From Medicine Man to Mystic * 37 four * Here be Dragons * 52 five * In the Name of Service and Brotherhood * 67 six * As Above, so Below * 77 seven * The Seven Sacred Gates * 100 eight * It's All in the Chakras * 109 nine * Taking Root: the First Chakra * 115 ten * Personal Best: the Second Chakra * 123 eleven * Solar Power: the Third Chakra * 134 twelve * At the Crossroads: the Fourth Chakra * 146 thirteen * Speak Loudly: the Fifth Chakra * 157 fourteen * Light-bulb Moments: the Sixth Chakra * 165 fifteen * Illumination: the Seventh Chakra * 175 sixteen * Keep on Keeping on * 181 The 38 Bach Flower Remedies * 185 Practical Matters * 186 Selected Further Reading * 190