Writing and the Articulation of Postqualitative Research (e-bok)
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Writing and the Articulation of Postqualitative Research E-bok

E-bok (PDF, LCP),  Engelska, 2023-04-25
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Writing and the Articulation of Postqualitative Research is a collection of experimental essays on the implications of articulating or performing qualitative research from postqualitative philosophies. Although writing has been an integral part of qualitative research, for better or worse, throughout the history of the field, the recent emergence of postqualitative inquiry necessitates a reconsideration of writing.

This collection of international authors explores the process and practice of writing in qualitative research from an onto-epistemological perspective, engaging with temporal, spatial, relational, social-cultural, and affective concepts and dilemmas such as philosophical alignment, advocacy in research, and the privileging of written academic language for research dissemination. The exploration of these questions can help qualitative researchers in the social sciences and humanities consider how modalities and processes of writing can alter, shift, and challenge the ways in which they articulate their research. Thus, rather than writing being a conveyor of the events happening during data collection, or used to analyze data or display results, the authors in this book consider writing as a primary agent in the research process.

This book has been designed for scholars in the social sciences and humanities who want to rethink how they use writing in their research endeavors and especially ones who are considering engaging with postqualitative research.
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