Transmission Electron Microscopy (e-bok)
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Transmission Electron Microscopy (e-bok)

Transmission Electron Microscopy E-bok

A Textbook for Materials Science

E-bok (PDF - DRM), Engelska, 2013-03-09
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Electron microscopy has revolutionized our understanding the extraordinary intellectual demands required of the mi- of materials by completing the processing-structure-prop- croscopist in order to do the job properly: crystallography, erties links down to atomistic levels. It now is even possible diffraction, image contrast, inelastic scattering events, and to tailor the microstructure (and meso structure ) of materials spectroscopy. Remember, these used to be fields in them- to achieve specific sets of properties; the extraordinary abili- selves. Today, one has to understand the fundamentals ties of modem transmission electron microscopy-TEM- of all of these areas before one can hope to tackle signifi- instruments to provide almost all of the structural, phase, cant problems in materials science. TEM is a technique of and crystallographic data allow us to accomplish this feat. characterizing materials down to the atomic limits. It must Therefore, it is obvious that any curriculum in modem mate- be used with care and attention, in many cases involving rials education must include suitable courses in electron mi- teams of experts from different venues. The fundamentals croscopy. It is also essential that suitable texts be available are, of course, based in physics, so aspiring materials sci- for the preparation of the students and researchers who must entists would be well advised to have prior exposure to, for carry out electron microscopy properly and quantitatively.
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