Pharmers (e-bok)
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Pharmers (e-bok)

Pharmers E-bok

E-bok (Drm),  Engelska, 2015-12-05

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Nerd gangstas, weed, and The Boss combine in a darkly comedic story of resurrecting shattered dreams within a bureaucratic circus. Fight Club meets a Half-Baked Big Bang Theory with a CSI twist in an Office Space, but only cake gets punched. Yes, that's right, cake. Pharmers is a fictional story written for the newly found literary genre of 'dark nerd-comedy'. Meet Deymann, a down and out medicinal scientist slaving away in corporate America. He feels trapped in a godless machine, toiling for the Boss and a thick-witted supervisor, a man he calls Dummy-Bear (not to his face, but he probably wouldn't get it anyway). After surviving the most embarrassing Piata debacle in human history, Deymann meets a secret white-collar group of misfits knows as the Pharmers, who help him break out of his rut with some corporate espionage and herbal chemistry experimentation. What's that smoke and funny odor coming from the incinerator? Did I hear laughter in there? Will you find out before the Boss?
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