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Manchester University Press
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27 black & white illustrations
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Art History

A Critical Introduction to its Methods: 2nd Edition

Häftad,  Engelska, 2024-09-03
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This popular textbook serves as a lively and stimulating introduction to methodological debates in art history. Offering a lucid account of approaches from Hegel to postcolonialism and decolonialism, it provides a sense of art historys own history as a discipline, from its emergence in the late-eighteenth century to the present day. By explaining the underlying philosophical and political assumptions behind each method and providing clear examples of how these are brought to bear on visual and historical analysis, the authors show that adherence to a certain method is, in effect, a commitment to a set of beliefs and values. The book makes a strong case for the vitality of the discipline and its methodological centrality to new fields such as visual culture. This second edition has been updated to cover the latest developments in gender studies, decolonialism and global art. -- .
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Dorothy Price is Professor of History of Art at the University of Bristol Michael Hatt is Professor of Art History at the University of Warwick Charlotte Klonk is Professor of Art and New Media at Humboldt University of Berlin -- .


Preface to second edition 1 Introduction 2 A variety of interpretations: a preview 3 Hegel and the birth of art history 4 Connoisseurship 5 Formalism: Heinrich Wlfflin and Alois Riegl 6 Iconographyiconology: Erwin Panofsky 7 Marxism and the social history of art 8 Psychoanalysis 9 Gender 10 Semiotics 11 Postcolonial, decolonial, global 12 Conclusion Index -- .