Asia's Quest for Balance (e-bok)
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Asia's Quest for Balance (e-bok)

Asia's Quest for Balance E-bok

China's Rise and Balancing in the Indo-Pacific

E-bok (Drm),  Engelska, 2018-10-15
In recent years the narrative surrounding China's ';peaceful rise' has given way to a more ominous story of friction, ambition, and great-power rivalry. As Chinese foreign policy has grown more nationalist and assertive, its intensifying competition with the U.S. has assumed center stage. The impact on Chinas neighbors, by contrast, and their evolving responses, have received comparatively less attention.The Realist theory of international relations suggests the rapid accumulation of power by one nation-state will prompt its neighbors and peers to adopt Balancing strategies. They will strive enhance their internal defense capabilities and forge new external security partnerships to hedge against this potential new threat. Have these predictions rung true? Are key Indo-Pacific capitals Balancing, and drawing closer to the U.S. as insurance against Chinese aggression? Or is China a new breed of rising power, challenging traditional theories of international relations in a newly-globalized, economically interdependent world?In Asia's Quest for Balance: China's Rise and Balancing in the Indo-Pacific leading author-experts from Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam explore these questions and more, decoding China's complex and evolving relationships with its neighbors and exploring how their responses are altering the security landscape of the region.Contributions by Jay L. Batongbacal, Elliot Brennan, Tetsuo Kotani, Evan A. Laksmana, Joseph Chinyong Liow, Hunter Marston, Rory Medcalf, Sylvia Mishra, C. Raja Mohan, Prashanth Parameswaran, Jeff M. Smith, Tran Truong Thuy, and Ha Anh Tuan
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