Lighthouse Parenting (häftad)
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American Academy of Pediatrics
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Lighthouse Parenting (häftad)

Lighthouse Parenting

Raising Your Child With Loving Guidance for a Lifelong Bond

Häftad,  Engelska, 2024-06-11
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Leading adolescent health expert Dr. Ken Ginsburg offers a road map for raising children for greater academic success, higher levels of emotional well-being, increased resilience, fewer behavioral risks, and reduced emotional distress. His lighthouse parenting action plan applies a balanced parenting approach that lays the foundation for the kind of relationship in which parents will be welcomed as a guide in childhood, throughout adolescence, and beyond. Lighthouse Parenting develops emotionally healthy children and adolescents who go on to have deep, enduring relationships with their parents for their entire lifetime.
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Kenneth R. Ginsburg, MD, MS Ed, FAAP, practices adolescent medicine at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia and is a professor of pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. He is the founding director of the Center for Parent and Teen Communication. His books include CongratsYoure Having a Teen! and Building Resilience in Children and Teens. He is the father of 2 young adults and lives in Philadelphia, PA.


Chapter 1: Families as the source of security, now and far into the future. Chapter 2: Building Lifelong Trust and Enduring Attachment Chapter 3: Sharing your calm. Coregulation as the root of security and the root of thoughtfulness. Chapter 4. Recognizing how your child is comforted. Chapter 5: Your Child Is Watching You: How you judge yourself and others tells them how safe it is to share their challenges Chapter 6: Being the reflection in your childs eyes Chapter 7: Human Role Models are Imperfect Chapter 8: You dont have to be the only model, create meaningful connections Chapter 9: Seeing all that is Good and Right in Your Child: The Measure They will Always Use to See Themselves Chapter 10: The best communication: Your unwavering presence Chapter 11: Parenting for Optimal Influence: Balance the expression of your love with the wisdom of your monitoring Chapter 12: Listen more than you talk; Create a Judgement-free zone for shared wisdom Chapter 13: Talk wisely, learn more Chapter 14: Honoring Emotional Expression Now as the Roots of Lifetime Protection Chapter 15: Hovering Drives Children Away: Preparation is the Best Protection Chapter 16: Protection against Undermining Expectations: Anticipating adolescence as an opportunity to celebrate Chapter 17: Steer them away from the Rocks, While watching from a distance Chapter 18: Everyday Discipline: Always Teaching, But Ready with Corrective actions and Course Corrections Chapter 19: Human Connection: The Core ingredient of both resilience and human thriving Chapter 20: Resilience 101: The Foundations of Resilience Chapter 21: Resilience 201: Preparing Our children to Live in an Uncertain World Chapter 22. Resilience 301: Becoming (a bit more) comfortable with discomfort Chapter 23: Resilience 401: Framing help- seeking as a strength Chapter 24: What does it mean to Thrive?: Raising Children Prepared to Do and Be Good Chapter 25: People thrive when they know that what they do matters Chapter 26: People endowed with curiosity and a growth mindset thrive Chapter 27: Living life with gratitude and a generous spirit is core to thriving Chapter 28: People thrive when they Can Think for themselves but know they have so much to learn from others Chapter 29: People thrive when they can draw Strength from their Cultural Wisdom and Family History Chapter 30: From Toddlers to Teens: Supporting Their Need to Stand on Their Own Chapter 31: Communication and Other Real Life Skills Chapter 32: Influence you can trust, being able to assess misinformation and personal or virtual pressure