Geography of Hell in the Teaching of Jesus (e-bok)
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Geography of Hell in the Teaching of Jesus (e-bok)

Geography of Hell in the Teaching of Jesus E-bok

Gehena, Hades, the Abyss, the Outer Darkness Where There Is Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth

E-bok (Pdf, Drm),  Engelska, 2013-09-19
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The topic of hell has held a strange fascination for believers through the centuries, becoming the subject of paintings, sermons, books, articles, and much more. For many it has been a source of terror, for most a wellspring of questions. Is there such a thing as hell? How long will it last? Who will go there? Is hell fair?In this study, Kim Papaioannou tackles the topic at its most foundational level, in the words and teaching of Jesus. Rather than attempt overarching and all-encompassing answers, he begins instead with a detailed study of the relevant texts and builds from there upwards. The result is a picture that is not only coherent and satisfying, but more importantly, solidly based on biblical exegesis of the most refined nature. Papaioannou concludes by putting hell into a more palatable and biblically sound perspective. Though unreservedly scholarly, the study is written in such a way that lay readers can understand and enjoy it.
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