Glucose Revolution (e-bok)
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Glucose Revolution (e-bok)

Glucose Revolution E-bok

The life-changing power of balancing your blood sugar

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E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2022-03-31
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***THE INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER***"e;Jessie (a.k.a. the Glucose Goddess) takes you on a fun and informative journey to understand how food affects your sugar spikes and your health. This practical guide is full of wonderful tips and hacks on how and what to eat; a must for anyone who wants to understand their body and improve their health."e; - Professor Tim Spector, author of Diet Myth and Spoon Fed, professor of genetic epidemiology at King's College, London"e;Glucose Revolution will help you feel better, cut cravings, connect with yourself, balance your hormones, live longer, teach you science and put a smile on your face along the way. This book is one of my references - don't wait to read it."e; - Davinia Taylor, British actor and #1 Sunday Times bestselling author of It's not a DietDietary science is on the move. For decades, people were wrongly focused on reducing fat and calories, whereas we now know that the real trouble-makers are the foods that deregulate our blood sugar levels.In writing both clear and empathetic, biochemist Jessie Inchausp explains why blood sugar spikes are so bad for us and how to flatten those spikes to transform our health.By analysing decades of research and running thousands of original experiments on herself wearing a continuous glucose monitor, she has distilled 10 simple and surprising hacks that can be easily incorporated into everyday life.By the end of this book, you'll be aware of how food impacts your biology. You'll know which breakfast choices may be causing your cravings, in which order you should eat the food on your plate, what not to do on an empty stomach, which foods lead to mood swings, and how to avoid being sleepy at 3pm. You'll evolve the way you eat, take control of your health, and your life will flourish.
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  1. Interesting book about balance in the body
    TK, 2 mars 2023

    Book helps to know more about processes in your body, understand it better. Of course everything is individual, but there are number of very practical helpful advices to consider. Although I would never recommend to buy electronic book here (application is very inconvenient and not user-friendly).

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