Queen of Fury (häftad)
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Rebellion Publishing Ltd.
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Queen of Fury

Häftad,  Engelska, 2024-12-03
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One by one the kings of Braetan kneel before King Arthur under a banner of peace. Hwyfar, eldest daughter of King Leodegraunce and famed libertine of Carelon, has returned to Avillion to find her father ruined by madness and a usurper poised to take the throne. Reluctantly she takes the mantle of Queen Regent to protect her kingdom, but shell need an armywhich King Arthur pledges to send her, providing she marries one of his knights and surrenders the crown. Arthurs forces arrive under the command of Gawain of Orkney, who Hwyfar remembers as a brute; but she comes to realise he is not the man she thought he was, and finds herself irresistibly drawn to him. But Arthur has plans for her, and has commanded Gawain to keep well awayand in Arthurs court, without the Kings blessing, love is treason. Hwyfar and Gawain must navigate both a world of ancient forests and corrupt magic, and the political machinations of two courts, if they have any hope of escaping Arthurs ever-tightening grasp.
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A captivating look at the intriguing figures in King Arthurs golden realm. Kirkus on Queen of None A layered, engaging retelling, sure to please fans of the Arthurian tales. Publishers Weekly on Queen of None Barrons take will leave readers with entirely new insights into Arthurian legend. Booklist on Queen of None Blends human earthiness with the mystical elements we have come to expect from Arthurian legends, allowing readers to feel as though they could slip from the mundane to the fantastical at any moment. Library Journal on Queen of None

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Natania Barron is an award-winning fantasy author long preoccupied with mythology, monsters, and magic. Her often historically-inspired novels are filled with lush description and vibrant characters. Publications include her 2011 debut, Pilgrim of the Sky, as well as These Marvelous Beasts, a collection of novellas. In 2020, Barron's Queen of None was hailed as "a captivating look at the intriguing figures in King Arthurs golden realm" by Kirkus, and won the Manly Wade Wellman award the following year. Her shorter works have appeared in Weird Tales, EscapePod, and various anthologies, RPG, and game settings. In addition, she's also known for her ThreadTalks, which dive deep into the unseen, and often forgotten, world of fashion history. Barron lives in North Carolina, USA, with her family and two dogs. When she's not writing, you can find her wandering the woods, tending her garden, and collecting rocks.