Casebook on the Irish Law of Torts (häftad)
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3 Revised edition
Tottel Publishing
Binchy, William
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Casebook on the Irish Law of Torts (häftad)

Casebook on the Irish Law of Torts

Häftad Engelska, 2005-10-01
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The companion volume to the same authors' Law of Torts, this highly practical book also works effectively as a stand-alone reference guide, and contains over 150 new cases. It is designed to be used in partnership with The Law of Torts, is fully cross-referenced, and even shares the same chapter headings to ensure you can find invaluable reference information quickly and accurately. Every major case that has affected the law of torts in Ireland can now be found in one user-friendly single reference source for the first time.
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Overview of the Law of Torts, Causation, Remoteness, Concurrent Wrongdoers, Negligence, The Duty of Care, The Standard of Care, Affirmative Duties, Proof of Negligence, Negligence and Economic Loss, Products Liability, Occupiers' Liability, Liability & Vendors, Lessors, Builders and Public Authorities for Quality and Fitness of Premises, Professional Negligence, Negligence on the Roads, Negligent Care of Children, Negligently Inflicted Psychiatric Damage, Employers' Liability, Public Authorities, Defences, Statutory Duties and Rights, Trespass to the Person, Trespass to Land, Nuisance, The Rule in Rylands v Fletcher, Liability for Fire, Animals, Trespass to Goods, Detinue, Conversion, Passing Off, Torts affecting Business Relations, Torts affecting Family Relationships, Defamation, Deceit and Injurious Falsehood, Misuse of Process, Right to Privacy, Liability of the State, Corporations, Partnerships, Unincorporated Bodies and Trade Unions, Minors and Mentally Ill Persons, Survival of Actions on Death, Fatal I