Missionaries vs Mercenaries (e-bok)
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Nicolas Mather
Missionaries vs Mercenaries (e-bok)

Missionaries vs Mercenaries E-bok

Are You Competing Or Are You Creating?

E-bok (Drm),  Engelska, 2022-01-25
To read this "e;mini-book,"e; as well as our entire archive of writing on Category Design, subscribe to Category Pirates here:categorypirates.substack.comMost entrepreneurs and business strategists believe Cirque du Soleil created something new by doing what had come before in new & different ways.But that's not really what happened.The untold story of Cirque du Soleil reveals the importance of staying focused on creating a different future (rather than competing over the past).These Category Creators are missionaries who impatiently see the way the world could be. They are creating the future. And their pursuit has more to do with this presence of a positive than the absence of a negative (competition).Their mission is what fuels them, even in their darkest moments. Their mission unlocks new levels of problem-solving and creativity most never unlock. Their mission is what inspires employees, customers, stakeholders, and investors to bet their time, money, and reputations on them-and get emotionally invested to a degree far beyond just personal profit.And it makes all the difference in the world.In this "e;mini-book"e; you will learn:The difference between missionaries versus mercenaries and how missionaries unlock new levels of problem-solving and creativity most never unlock.Why startups, companies, creative expressions, and movements that change the world often rise out of the founder's own personal journey.The untold story of Cirque du Soleil and how its founders (missionaries) created a billion-dollar business with more than 4,000 employees.How to avoid starting a business by looking for where someone else is creating value, instead of designing the future you want to create.Why the only people in the world who have recently been surprised by Tesla's "e;sudden dominance"e; have been mercenaries.How to adopt a missionary mindset and develop a business (startup, small business, enterprise) because of what you believe it can do for others.Short, sweet, and packed with incredibly valuable insights, this niche marketing playbook will teach any solopreneur, entrepreneur, or small business owner how to become a missionary who can tap into the ultimate renewable power source: human energy.
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