Tesla Superconsumers Are Making Millions (e-bok)
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Nicolas Mather
Tesla Superconsumers Are Making Millions (e-bok)

Tesla Superconsumers Are Making Millions E-bok

Because They Have An Information Advantage Wall Street Doesn't

E-bok (Drm),  Engelska, 2022-03-11
To read this "e;mini-book,"e; as well as our entire archive of writing on Category Design, subscribe to Category Pirates here:categorypirates.substack.comIn a time where income inequality has never been higher, Tesla's mid 2019 to 2020 stock performance may represent the single greatest transfer of wealth from Wall Street to Main Street. This begs two questions:How was it that "e;Wall Street experts"e; were so wrong about Tesla?And how is it that so many "e;Main Street"e; investors were so right?The truth is, it's very difficult for Wall Street to value Category Creators, who by definition blur the lines of current categories while pursuing strategies and business models that are so radically different it can confound "e;experts"e; in legacy categories. The Tesla short example shows the single greatest opportunity for wealth creation for a Main Street investor is in a category creation situation where they are an expert.In this "e;mini-book"e; you will learn:Why Elon Musk puts superconsumers, like James Stephenson and Galileo Russell, ahead of the Wall Street professionals on Tesla earnings calls. Why you don't have to be an analyst at Goldman Sachs to be acknowledged as a thought leader in your niche.The benefit of investing in companies you have an information advantage on.Which investors are the most emotionally engaged and the most insightful.What Tesla and Netflix have in common, and why Wall Street investors undervalue companies innovating Category Design.Packing incredibly valuable insights into a quick read, this "e;mini-book"e; will reveal what Main Street investors intuitively know-and what Wall Street investors fail to grasp.
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