Crossing The Chasm With Category Science (e-bok)
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Nicolas Mather
Crossing The Chasm With Category Science (e-bok)

Crossing The Chasm With Category Science E-bok

7 Ways To Use Historical Data To Spot Future Exponential Growth Opportunities

E-bok (Drm),  Engelska, 2022-08-07
To read this "e;mini-book,"e; as well as our entire archive of writing on Category Design, subscribe to Category Pirates here:categorypirates.substack.comThere isn't a tech executive on planet earth who hasn't seen the chart from the book Crossing The Chasm that separates early adopters from later-stage customer segments.Author Geoffrey A. Moore describes (languages) the "e;chasm"e; innovative startups must cross to move their products out of the phase of early adoption and into the mainstream market.He explains why companies that fail to cross this chasm, despite inventing wildly ambitious technologies, fail to achieve a level of adoption and profitability that establishes them as real companies.The book does a great job of educating leaders on how to think about the problem. But it fails to ascend further up the ladder and become an actionable "e;How To"e; guide instructing entrepreneurs and executives on exactly how to solve this problem themselves.Luckily, Category Science can help!In this "e;mini-book"e; you will learn:What "e;Category Science"e; is and how leaders can use it to successfully cross the chasm separating them from mainstream success.7 ways to use "e;weird"e; historical data to spot future exponential business growth opportunities.What happened when AT&T leveraged its Superconsumers and Category Science to create a radically differentiated mobile plan.How to spot local markets that are way behind in terms of category growth and markets that reveal early warning signs of a category's future decline.10 questions to help you understand why the lens you use to look at data is more important than the data itself.Short, sweet, and packed with valuable insights, this "e;mini-book"e; shares examples and actionable tips on how to wholly reject existing premises in order to imagine (and ultimately create) a new and different future.
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