Hell Yeah or No (häftad)
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Hell Yeah or No

what's worth doing

Häftad,  Engelska, 2022-05-01
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Useful wisdom. Simple profound mental models to guide your decisions.

Overwhelmed? If you feel anything less than "hell yeah!" about something, say no. We say yes too often. By saying no to almost everything, you leave space and time in your life to throw yourself completely into the few things that matter most.

After Derek Sivers' "hell yeah or no" rule was adopted by podcasters, bloggers, and investors, he compiled related ideas into this useful, profound, and surprising book around the themes of what's worth doing, fixing faulty thinking, and making things happen.

  • Be proud to be a slow thinker.
  • Goals shape the present, not future.
  • Assume you're below average.
  • Life has no speed limit.
  • What's obvious to you is amazing to others.
  • Relax for the same result.
The first 15,000 early buyers of 'Hell Yeah or No' have posted hundreds of 5-star reviews at sive.rs/n - but it is now being released to a wider audience.
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Recensioner i media

"derek sivers is one of my favorite humans, and i call him often for advice. think of him as a philosopher-king programmer, master teacher, and merry prankster. i might need to do a second volume of my next book 100% dedicated to the knowledge bombs of derek sivers. so much good stuff. hard to cut."

- tim ferriss, author, 4-hour workweek

"a deceivingly small book packed with endless wisdom. each chapter is a life lesson. these stories help me keep the most useful mental models fully usable every day."

- frank corrigan, economist

"i can't say enough about this book. pound for pound, it has the most useful and insightful information of anything i've read in the last few years. derek sivers is a true philosopher of our time."

- chris perry

"this book was one of the best surprises i've had in a while. you don't think you'll really learn something completely new after reading many other great thinkers. hell yeah or no is now one of those books i recommend for people i really care about."

- romulo gomes nunes, entrepeneur

"i quote these vignettes in board meetings, meditation sessions, and to children. these short chapters are easily to relate to across all walks of life. the simplicity makes them so profound. i bought several of these books to share with friends. i didn't buy enough."

- austin moss, sweetwater sound

"when unsure about what to do, i open my copy of this book then close it having found the answer. we all possess an internal navigation system that knows the best way forward, but life has a way of burying that system in a heap of fear, habits, and uncertainty. think of this book as a super-tool to help you clear the debris and rediscover what you already know. highly recommend!"

- manny vallarino, musician

"the power in this little book is hard to overstate. life is about making decisions. if you learn the framework for making decisions as outlined in this book, you can have a happy life and the career you desire."

- ellen twomey, founder of you are techy

"there are two books i would take with me on a desert island: meditations by marcus aurelius (written 180ad) and hell yeah or no by derek sivers (written 2020ad). there have been billions of books between these two book-ends, but these two direct your mind on a better, less worrisome path."

- lars christensen, manager, marketer, designer, toolmaker

"lovely, easy to apply patterns of wisdom that anyone can benefit from exposure to. this book is on my shortlist of books i re-read every quarter, and i've gifted it 9 times to friends, family and co-workers. the world would be a better place if everyone read this book, truly."

- jason schmitz

"a philosophy book with practical elements, written in a gentle and kind tone. i particularly enjoy derek's concise writing style. there isn't one...

Övrig information

Derek Sivers is an author of philosophy and entrepreneurship, known for his surprising quotable insights and pithy succinct writing style.Formerly a musician, programmer, TED speaker, and circus clown, he sold his first company for $22 million and gave all the money to charity.Sivers' books (How to Live, Hell Yeah or No, Your Music and People, Anything You Want) and newest projects are at his website: sive.rs


  1. About this book
  2. What if you didn't need money or attention?
  3. You don't have to be local
  4. Actions, not words, reveal our real values
  5. Keep earning your title, or it expires
  6. Why are you doing?
  7. Some will always say you're wrong
  8. Imitate. We are imperfect mirrors.
  9. Loving what I used to hate
  10. The public you is not you
  11. Character predicts your future
  12. Fish don't know they're in water
  13. Are you present-focused or future-focused?
  14. Small actions change your self-identity
  15. If you're not feeling "hell yeah!" then say no
  16. Saying no to everything else
  17. Art is useless, and so am I
  18. I'm a very slow thinker
  19. Tilting my mirror (motivation is delicate)
  20. Quitting something you love
  21. How will this game end?
  22. Solitary socialite
  23. Getting out of a bad state of mind
  24. There's no speed limit
  25. Relax for the same result
  26. Disconnect
  27. Unlikely places and untangled goals
  28. When you're extremely unmotivated
  29. Think like a bronze medalist, not silver
  30. Imagining lots of tedious steps? Or one fun step?
  31. Procrastination hack: change "and" to "or"
  32. There are always more than two options
  33. Beware of advice
  34. Switch strategies
  35. Don't be a donkey
  36. I assume I'm below average
  37. Everything is my fault
  38. I love being wrong
  39. Singing the counter-melody
  40. What are the odds of that?
  41. two three four ONE, two three four ONE
  42. 232 sand dollars
  43. My favorite fable
  44. Obvious to you. Amazing to others.
  45. Happy, Smart, and Useful
  46. How to do what you love and make good money
  47. What do you hate not doing?
  48. You don't need confidence, just contribution.
  49. Let pedestrians define the walkways
  50. Don't start a business until people are asking you to
  51. Parenting : Who is it really for?
  52. OK Milt, I'll start writing again
  53. Unlearning
  54. Subtract
  55. Smart people don't think others are stupid
  56. The mirror: It's about you, not them.
  57. Assume men and women are the same
  58. Moving for good
  59. Learning the lesson, not the example.
  60. Overcompensate to compensate
  61. Projecting meaning
  62. After fifteen years of practice
  63. Goals shape the present, not the future.
  64. Seeking inspiration?
  65. Possible futures
  66. If you think you haven't found your passion...
  67. Whatever scares you, go do it