Bride''s masterpiece and soul picnic (e-bok)
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Bride''s masterpiece and soul picnic E-bok

E-bok (LCP),  Arabiska, 1903-02-23
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In "twenty -five chapters", his author "Al -Tijani" dealt with everything related to women and their ten, so he did not leave a stray or an incoming except and formulated it with the transparency of the writer, the skill of the speaker in the jurisprudence of the language, the intelligence of the world, and the skill of an expert in women knowing!, It was truly a masterpiece for the bride! And the book in his art "Encyclopedia" sings about Al-Ghana and Al-Amaly, the blossom of literature, and the scattering of the Durr, so it is no wonder that its author says: "Our book- in fact- is not a book of Samar, but it is a book of science and look." To achieve it, and to refine it, and Professor Muhammad Ibrahim al -Desouki commented on it! And if his author has lived his modernity at the beginning of the eighth century AH, then he combined the two books of his book, what he thought is better for living experiences, and the experiences that give the generation to the same way! He answered all the questions through his jurisprudence, his understanding of the texts, his broad knowledge, and his coexistence of the people of his time, and his experiences, which makes him a safe source that is indispensable in the field of "sexual culture" in the age of moons, the Internet and sexual invasion! .. It is a book worthy of acquisition! It provides information in literature and modesty!
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