Rickshaw Boy (e-bok)
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Rickshaw Boy E-bok

av Lao She
E-bok (LCP),  Engelska, 2017-03-01
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The dream of Xiangzi, who left for Beijing to earn a living, was to own a rickshaw, the emblem of social status. Each day, he rose early and worked hard. Industry brought him luck and he finally bought a rickshaw at the price of 96 yuan. However, it was confiscated by warlord soldiers. Xiangzi escaped from them and took several camels. After selling the camels, Xiangzi again desired a rickshaw and worked in desperation. He said, if not working so desperately, when can I buy a rickshaw? Thereafter, Tiger Girl plotted to marry Xiangzi successfully. Regardless of the stable family life, Xiangzi could not contain his desire to own a rickshaw. Finally, Tiger Girl bought the rickshaw of their neighbor. A heavy rain rendered Xiangzi sick and the lingering disease remained. Misfortunes never come singly. Tiger Girl died during childbirth and the infant child is stillborn. Xiangzi had no other choice but to sell his rickshaw to bury his wife and kid. "Wait. When I prosper, I will come."That was the promise of Xiangzi to his intimate female friend, Little Fuzi, who never made it to that day and hung herself by the tree behind the white house. In the end, Xiangzi became a lazy and degenerate good-for-nothing.
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