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Förlagshuset Siljans Måsar
Birgit Edwall, Akasha Skaldeman

Light of the North E-bok

E-bok (PDF),  Svenska, 2013-03-26
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The snow was slowly falling, covering the old family estate with a thick layer on top of the buildings, the field fences and the tall pine trees. There was peace and quiet. Lake Siljan lay frozen beneath the slope, sparkling in the white light. It was right before midnight and everone was asleep, except for the seven friends, who elevated and moved to tears were sitting in front of the fire. This night would change their lives forever. Now the time was ripe for their mission; to wake up, to help awaken the slumbering humans and receive divine messages.

At the time when time was not, the Creator planted a seed on the shore of Siljan`s lake. The seed germinated and grew and is everything you can see on your Earth today. You have lived through all phases of this seed"s development and have now reached your graduation for enlightenment on your Mother Earth.

With our deepest love for mankind, we have asked for contact so we can help you cross all the thresholds you will encounter during this final dark moment of your lives. You will thus meet the new Golden Dawn with a cleansed and loving mind, with beauty in your eyes and with joy in your hearts.

Times are now changing, but if you only learn to trust and also seek the light, you will be protected until you reach the Golden Morning Light. Your own light will be of help to your environment and give you comfort and a sense of safety on your way. The Light is now stronger than the dark forces.

For now, interpret our messages as if they are directed to you. Because such is the purpose for you right now. As readers you are all messengers of this mission of Light. The Light leads you, follows you and supports you in all things until the new Dawn shines over you all.

Our messages in this book are a gift to you from the universe, to be used as tools in all ways in your lives. Read a message when you feel good, read one aloud when your fellow man needs your support and also when you weep inside. You are never alone. You are Gods on your way home - and we will follow you.

We are always near you, shining a light in front of you.

With all of our love

The Lords of Siljan
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