Of Freedom and God (e-bok)
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Slovene Writers' Association
Jason Blake, Jeremi Slak
Of Freedom and God (e-bok)

Of Freedom and God E-bok

E-bok (EPUB - DRM), Engelska, 2017-07-27
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Of Freedom and God, Jeremi Slak and Jason Blake's translation of essays by Marjan Rozanc, contains a selection of essays from the 1995 collection O svobodi in bogu"e; (Of Freedom and God) that Andrej Inkret put together and edited. Left out of the English translation are primarily those essays that are very local in nature; the red thread of the essays included in the English translation show a "e;European dimension"e; and an openness to the broader spiritual and literary space which at the same time is always realized in the most intimate and narrow of surroundings. As Andrej Inkret writes in his afterword to the collection: "e;from the very first texts, [Rozanc's essays] are based on questioning any apodictic, purely rationalistic answers. Moreover, Rozanc's essays are even derived from the thought that new-age man, with his unique, inimitable personal individuality as well as his socio-political being, is placed into an open, free, uncertain world in which there are no longer, and no longer can be, any more a priori, self-understood and unambiguous 'transcendent' values that might, from the outset, afford man a firm point of reference, thought or, for example, a home."e;
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