The Trip of Le Horla

The Trip of Le Horla

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Have you ever experienced a hot air balloon ride?

This short story describes a trip from Paris to Belgium taken by the popular French author Guy de Maupassant. Describing in detail every sight and sound, he takes readers on a balloon ride like no other.

The three crew members and three passengers watch the sunset and moonrise and experience the threat of a looming storm. Views of Paris and the beautiful French and Belgian countryside below are also eloquently brought to life.

'The Trip of Le Horla' (1887) is perfect for fans of his short stories and readers of 19th-century travel books.

Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893) was a famous French writer, best known as one of the finest practitioners of the short story.

Master of style and dramatic narrative, Maupassant"s stories are mainly interested in the relationships between men and women, often found at the crossroads of life.

One of his greatest influences was Gustave Flaubert, who introduced him to some of the central names of the time, such as Émile Zola, Henry James, and Ivan Turgenev.

Some of his best-known works include the novels "Bel Ami" and "Une Vie", more than 300 short stories, travel books, and even an attempt at poetry. 'Bel Ami" was made into a film in 2012, starring Uma Thurman, Robert Pattinson, and Kristin Scott Thomas.

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